Dog & Cat Shampoo Olive Essentials


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A combination of natural nourishing and biodegradable products. Balance PH of 7.5 (for pets), natural anti-bacterial, anti-mites and ani-inflammatory compound. Natural ingredients are mild and not harsh to the skin thus it improves the fur luster and shine, reduces hair fall.


Contents: Natural essential oils ( Extra virgin olive oil and camelia seed oil), deionised water, natural scent (from Plumbago auriculata flower), polydimethylsiloxane silicone or dimethicone (a type of organic polymer silicone oil; non-toxic, non-inflammable commonly used in shampoo and food)

Volume: 480ml

Several Functions: 1. Whitening Shampoo, 2. Anti-bacterial and yeast, 3. Anti Flea and Ticks 4. Mild And Moisturizing  5. Highly moisturizing and enhances natural brown/red color fur dogs (high in Vit A,D,and E)

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